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Finding the best dog supplies…

Essential vs. Non-essential supplies

Finding the best dog supplies is never easy. Firstly it’s important to know what is essential and what is not. There are tons of cool, yet weird and unnecessary products in dog supplies. There is even ice cream for dogs. There are lion manes, crates with balconies, car safety zip lines, grooming gloves, nail polish and even beers for dogs. The weird and cool cat section is a different story. This post is about knowing the essential dog supplies and finding the best in them. It’s more like a brief yet informative buying guide rather than promotion for pet brands.

Food comes first…

Purchase food and water bowls as the first of you supplies. The food your dog was used to and the food it should be eating are different things. Make sure your dog can continue on kennels-based food for initial days. Once the puppy eases into the environment, you can get into what your dog should be eating. Buy dog food that’s suits its age and breed. The level of carbohydrates in your food should vary with age. Get some treats to reward your dog during training. Water shouldn’t be much of a problem with handy, sleek water bowels at disposal.

Shelter comes second…

Not all shelters feel the same to your dog. Kenneling your dog is an important part in its growing process. Crates play an essential role in training puppies. It prevents them from going on a rampage in your home. Moreover, crates offer utmost portability and safety of puppies. The big dogs require steel wire or wooden kennels. There are kennels that’s worth a few grand in the U.S. Those giant kennels feel like big houses for dogs. Invest wisely when it comes to dog shelter. It offers them a safe space to be in, and brings calm in your house

Accessorize finally…

Food and shelter helps dog survive. However they need to live beyond that too. Accessorize your dog on the lines of cleaning, grooming and walking.

  • Cleaning accessories: Get food bowels according to the length of your dog’s muzzle. It helps avoid spilling of items. Use appropriate water dispenser to provide your dog with water. It should suit your dog’s drinking style.

  • Grooming accessories: Pet clothing is a industry that has been peaking since a long time. You can find some really cool clothing in the social media. You can start with a cape that glues to the collar. There are booties and footwear too.

  • Walking Accessories: Using collars is legally required when taking your dog outdoors. In territories where it is no mandated, you can use harnesses. Choose a leash that makes you as well as your dog feel comfortable during walk.

  • Toys and training: Treats and toys are an inevitable part of your training. Treats are used to reward dogs for good behavior. Toys keep them occupied and away from mischief. You can keep it at minimum, but bribing your pet with treat is essential to raise them right.